From a Bond street department store to someone who decided to turn their porch into a shop (true story – busy street small village) we've grown, and it's not just the honey on toast every morning that is making us look this good. We sell through numerous outlets nationwide. We like cute, cool, and often quirky retailers that share our passion and ethics. So if you have a delightful shop, we’d like to hear from you.

Get in-touch - lets be friends - the world can never have too many. We can send you our book and wholesale prices - and all the information you'll need to get going. Simply email us your contact details (Name, store name and postal address) and it’s done, everything you need, posted to your door.

Initial orders ship with complimentary testers, our P.O.S. and booklets - which draws customers like, well, bees to honey (we resolve ourselves of responsibility of uncontrolled laugher at that joke).



Our book can be shipped direct to your door, get the coffee on, sit and soak up the goodness.

Simply email us and we'll do the rest.

Email me on hello@ourtinybees.co.uk.