Uber Body Oil

Our 100% natural, plant-based body oil absorbs quickly and hydrates and softens
even the driest of skins. Essential oil free for sensitive types and skin care purists.
100ml funky glass spray bottle
/ £11.95


Welcome to the wonderful world of our Über body oil: A light but highly effective blend of skin goodness.
We've filled this with our favourite anti-inflammatory skin moisturising oils to help you on your way to naturally softer skin. With our blend of skin smoothing and hydrating oat oil and vitamin e, which restores and rejuvenates, we've looked after you very well indeed.

Our anti-inflammatory oat oil is well known for its skin calming effects - mild, gentle and soothing - sure to make your skin feel glorious and pampered. Our oil-based moisturisers sink deep into the skin and are easily absorbed, leaving you feeling soft, smooth and hydrated all day long. Gently massage into dry or damp skin to help soothe and soften. Take time for you... even just five minutes a day of self-care contributes to your well being and happiness - happy you happy us.


Almond Oil - Great for dry, dehydrated, or winter-dried skin, helps retain moisture, super rich.
Oat oil - Helps heal, nourish and soothe maturing, sensitive or damaged skin. Super soothing on even the most irritable skins.
Vitamin e - One of the planets best anti-oxidants and one of your skins favorite nutrients.