100% British beeswax & soy patchouli candle

260ml Aluminium Tin / £11.95

We wanted to make a gorgeous candle that reflected our ethos. We hand pour each one using the most eco waxes we could find – our beeswax (100% British beeswax) and soy wax. This creates a better, brighter flame that is even better for the environment than soy alone.

Each candle burns for an average of 45 hours making them longer burning than regular soy candles. We use the finest essential and fragrance oils we could find resulting in a well-scented burn. Every candle is made in our dedicated candle workshop in the heart of Yorkshire and of course we use the very finest British beeswax in every single one.

We’ve invested a lot of goodness in these natural candles. Hand poured, made by people and bees.

Smells like: Patchouli - will probably make you think of flower power and hippies - in a good way - earthy, musty and pungent. Said to be antidepressant and helps to relieve headaches.

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