The thoughts in our minds

More bees is a good thing, we leave them to it and never take too much of the things they make.

A world full of bees would be a fantastic place, they work hard, have order and a fantastic social hierarchy. Every bee has a purpose and gets cracking with its daily jobs. There are nurse bees that tend the young, worker bees that collect pollen and even bees that just go around tidying the hive. Then there is one Queen that can lay 2000 eggs in a day (more than her own body weight).

A strong hive

More eggs means more bees which in turn means a strong hive which collects a surplus of honey and draws out plenty of wax comb to store it in. Bees collect nectar - which ultimately ends up as honey and pollen, which is food for the little ones.

Working with the BBC

As part of our mission of bringing great, natural and delightful bee products to you, we are also passionate about educating people and children about bees. To that end we recently took our people and our tiny bees, to the BBC's Octoberfest and as part of CBeebies we used our observation hive to show, to teach and to inspire.

Did we mention we love bees?