About Us

The people behind the brand.

We are adoptive parents of a quickly flourishing one year old, we have two dogs and live in a titchy cottage in the countryside. If you ever catch us at events around the country you’ll most likely see our other family and friends working with us. We never really planned to have such a successful business but a simple honesty and truely useful skincare has seen our little brand grow and grow.

We work with too many beekeepers to mention, but mostly they can be seen in white suits, Wellies and for some reason lots of them have beards. We have a few ‘rules’ that have seen us grow organically over the years and believe it takes little steps to make big things happen.  

Rule #1 - If it isn’t useful – it doesn’t go in.

When we make products we make them useful. We could easily make a jar of exotic smelling, chemical filled, environmentally disgraceful goo, and indeed with a nice label we could charge you a fortune for it.

But we don’t.

We find nice, effective goodies (nut oils, nut butters, seed oils and essential oils) and blend them to create something that works, we charge a fair price for our goodness and hard work.

Have a look around our range and be assured in this world of expensive pots of well-marketed chemicals, we are producing artisan skincare packed full of naturally effective ingredients. No animal testing is conducted on our products or any of their ingredients, as much as possible our packaging is widely recyclable or better still re-usable.

Rule #2 - If it doesn’t make us happy we don’t do it.

We work directly with British beekeepers who supply us with 100% British honey and wax, we buy English essential oils made by people who took a chance and decided to fill their land with Lavender flowers and make Lavender essential oil. We buy our tins from a lovely UK company that recently sent us our order when they were flooded and had no power (their phone line still worked). We supply cute, creative shops run by people who quit their day job to bring other people good things – often that they themselves cherry pick.

We like good people.

Keeping bees ourselves (That's our Founder Jon in the hives below) also keeps us real – we feel it gives us a direct link to what we believe in - a simpler more natural existence.

We mean it when we say our natural skin care is good for you and good for British bees.