We're still here..

As a customer of our company, I thought it time to reach out to you personally. With the quickly escalating Government measures to deal with Covid 19, I would just like to explain measures we have, and are taking.

As more people have looked into the benefits of natural products there is no doubt we’ve been on of the success stories of this unprecedented time. We've put in measures throughout which has enabled to carry on getting our goodies to you all, and the amazing shops and online super stores we supply.

We have transferred to Royal Mail's 'Click and Drop' system meaning we print all delivery information and pay for postage at the same time - and simply drop the orders at our nearest Post Office without the need for any contact.

We have also moved to a once-per-week dispatch, and Royal Mail are a little slower than normal - but everything should still be with you ASAP.
As you may already know many of our products offer natural antiviral properties and our hand balms have always been a staple of people who wash their hands regularly (Nurses and hairdressers to name two groups of people who often email us). Hand Balms help combat the effects of high-intensity washing that often result in drying and cracking of the skin.
Hand balms are best applied consistently as they protect hands whenever in use. If you use them overnight they are in contact with your skin for the longest time, where their benefits can clearly be seen by morning time.
What’s more our entire range of natural soaps offer protection with many of them having Anti-Viral properties. We have updated our website to reflect this, making product selection easier.
So it's business as usual for us due to the steps we have taken and we hope our natural products bring relief and a little normality at this time.

Look after health, your well-being and your friends and family, in situations like this it becomes very clear those are the few things that really matter.
Thank you, Jonathan.
Founder - Our Tiny Bees.